What my clients say about me…

“Rebecca is a great teacher! Her teaching methods are uncomplicated and easily understandable. With her outgoing personality and by using helpful markers, her lessons are lively and joyful. She has the ability to even make grammar lessons more interesting. I learned a lot of helpful things for my job from her.”


“Enjoying the time with Rebecca really did refresh my experience with teachers. Her lessons are filled with so much fun, laughter and energy! Good to know and learn from her.”

Beate, Support, Textation AG

“I really liked the way you used to arrange our weekly lessons.
It was a good mixture of small talk, discussion on current topics, role plays, grammar and vocab improvement.
I always got the feeling to learn a lot without being annoyed! You always motivated me although I was tired sometimes and I liked your sense of humour very much.
… not to mention the activities besides the lessons like BBQ, cake & champagne or advent parties.
We could all lower the hurdles just to speak English regardless of some gaps.”

Frank, Marketing Manager

“I can just say that I was always looking forward to our weekly English lessons. We learned a lot and always in a pleasant, positive atmosphere. Rebecca’s English lessons were somehow “tailor-made” – concerning the topics we were talking about as well as how she imparted e.g. grammar knowledge. In case someone had a topic in his/her job concerning English (e.g. a presentation, e-mail…) it was always possible to bring it along – that was helpful for the individual person and for the whole group. I can really recommend the English lessons with Rebecca – you will learn a lot and have a lot of fun.”

Britta, Business Controller

“The lessons with Rebecca are always both productive and entertaining. And Polo is the icing on the cake. Highly recommended…”

Christian, Strategic Buyer

“Rebecca was always excellently prepared and her lessons were time well invested. The mixture of exercises was great and fitted the individual needs of all group members. What I liked most? Her way of teaching; “learning with fun.”

Anja, PR Manager

“The English class in a small group with Rebecca helped me to learn faster. Rebecca knew all our talents and our weaknesses. Her exercises and listening tasks picked up what every single person needed. It was always a lot of fun and time ran too fast.”

Tanja, PR Manager

“I had a 4-day course with Rebecca in a small group. It was immediately very pleasant. She varied the exercises during the course so it never got boring. She also managed to balance between beginners content and a little more advanced content. Her advice and the magical “sheet” will help in day to day use. Rebecca is one of the best teachers I ever worked with!”

Yannick, EffCom AG

“I can highly recommend the lessons with Reby. She understands how to build up and anchor the knowledge in a wonderful, playful but consistent manner.
Because of her great general education and many-sided interests, she understands how to make teaching very multifaceted. Learning with Reby is fun and encourages the language development with every hour.”

Andreas, Sales Manager

“Rebecca‘s lessons were always motivating and carried me with her. Several topics put into many ways with diverse studying techniques. A good mix between current news / exercises / vocabulary / grammar.
I always enjoyed participating.”


“The lessons with Rebecca were always very varied. We covered business issues and current affairs. Sometimes we read articles and then practiced translating them. Other times we did telephone interviews, role-plays and played games to help us remember key phrases etc. Grammar was always reviewed and practiced so it really “stuck”.
I always really enjoyed the lessons with Rebecca and since then I finally know how to use future tense in the right way!!


“I really recommend studying business English with Rebecca because she focuses on every important area of English, such as reading, writing, grammar and communication.
The lessons are a perfect mixture of practical, as well as theoretical content. Especially, the practical parts were very valuable and at the same time a lot of fun.
Furthermore, students are able to influence the content of future lessons by expressing wishes and topics that they would like to focus on.
Rebecca as a person, is a really patient, kind-hearted, funny and competent teacher, who makes sure that you improve your language skills very quickly.”

Benjamin, Strategic Buyer

“I could recommend Rebecca as the best, coolest and most entertaining teacher I ever had.
Rebecca was my teacher for a long time in my company and I have joined several English courses of hers with different themes regarding “Business English”.
After a while, it is more a feeling like “talking to a good friend” than “going to school”.
It is always a pleasure to hear her interesting stories and you can learn a lot about “false friends”, English grammar and common English phrases.
One huge component of the lessons is to learn and to practice “free speaking” and this was a big challenge for me personally, but after a while, I have done it.
So, from my point of view Rebecca is the best teacher you can get.”


“I really enjoined your English lessons because of the very close correlation to daily work and funny way to learn, explain and listen to your daily routine experiences of close but different cultures. You taught me to that it’s better to try to speak and make errors, instead of staying silent. Thank you!”

Eilert, Project Engineering Manager

“I had several years of English lessons with Rebecca Deacon to prepare and coach me in my internationally oriented occupation.
Rebecca has made an excellent and effective contribution to improving my language level and grammatical skills so that I am able to communicate at a professional level in English.
Rebecca has a lot of business experience and teaches very practice-oriented. She is flexible in the design and application of teaching methods. This makes the lessons interesting and varied. Besides, Rebecca always responds to specific wishes and requirements.”

Jürgen, PR Manager