Motivational Quotes for Language Learners
Language learning is generally a long journey. A bit like getting fit or learning a musical instrument. There's no quick fix. So, we all need some motivation from time to …
How to Reach Your Goals : 4 Important Questions
Everyone has goals. I truly believe that. Even if people don't openly express them, they are there, deep down. Find a new job, earn more money, lose weight, learn how …
Talking about Summer – Staycations & Caravans
Some things haven't changed this summer: it's August, it's 35 degrees and my office at home has no air conditioning. However, one thing is different: it's really quiet. We live …
Corona Talk (English Version and Quiz)
I posted the German version of this article a couple of weeks ago and now here's the English version. Don't forget to do the quiz at the end! [caption id="attachment_1807" …
Corona Talk
Corona has not just changed life as we know it, it's also changing our language. Something that's not only happening to the English language, I've noticed changes here in Germany …
What is “fluent” English?
Looking for a new job? In these uncertain times it might not seem like the best time to be moving to a new employer. However, some people have been given …

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